This platform ecosystem was built for your industry. It can be used for your online business or as a marketplace for consultants as it has an AI consultant onboarding and client/consultant matching module.

This page explores your admin dashboard, but consultants and clients also have a dashboard with communication and marketing tools, such as a project management module, video conferencing module, marketing and email campaign module, time and expenses tracking with invoicing system (see more details on the features and pricing tabs below).


Full control of your consulting company

The engine behind your platform is DNN, an easy-to-use and feature-rich content management system with the best-in-class security, extensibility and ecosystem platform. DNN is the CMS of choice for many Fortune 500s and the government.

From this intuitive dashboard, you can manage every aspect of your new platform, including consultants, clients, projects, as well as the look and feel of the website and the roles and permissions of all users.

With this feature, you can see all consultants, assign them projects, check their profiles, check the projects they are working on, hire new consultants, fire consultants, impersonate their user account, or manage the tools and services the platform offers them.

This feature manages the criteria of all questionnaires for the algorithm.

This feature allows Admin programmers to modify algorithm settings and ad programming.

This feature allows admins to add technical guides, white papers, templates, notes, books, videos and documents to help your consultants.

This feature manages all the platform's APIs, allows modifications, cancelations and to add new ones.

This feature allows the control of anything time-related, including email automation, project status, reminders, deadlines, communication, scans, security, etc...

This feature allows you to impersonate any user on the platform.

Don't touch the super admin if you have not be trained on how to do so. The super admin manages the platform core, skins and modules (basically the DNN CMS).

  • User Management
  • User Profile Management
  • Role Management
  • Event Viewer
  • SQL Tools
  • Theme Management
  • Asset Management
  • Multi-Site Management
  • Configuration Manager
  • Scheduler
  • Taxonomy Management
  • Integrations

Our special launch pricelist is valid until December

The CORE only



The core platform includes a corporate DNN install, a complete custom branded web design & development, a blog/news system and 3 custom forms.

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These modules are available as a drag and drop installation on your core platform. You can do it yourself (manuals and videos available) or we will do it for you free of charge.

  • Consultant/client AI matching module $5,500

  • Project management Module $3,500

  • Proposal costs & invoicing Module $2,500

  • Video & documents exchange module $4,500

  • Bulk mail & marketing module $2,750

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Fully loaded

Anything else would be unfair to your competition.


The core platform with a custom branded design, all the modules installed and tested, 3 months free hosting, security and maintenance, free training sessions and a standard SEO package.

Financing available.

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This is us, 15 years building online business ecosystem